Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally a Snow Day!

Almost the end of February and we finally had a snow day that we were able to go out and enjoy before it became a slushy and melted mess.
Our attempt at building a snowman was delayed by them wanting to constantly lick it.  I remember eating snow all the time as a kid but now I cringe just thinking about it! Gross!
Ahrian didn't care much for the snowman.

Luckily Ayla was proud of our creation, even though it was probably one of the saddest looking snowmen I've ever seen!
After the snowman was completed I pulled them around the yard on the sled until Ahrian was too cold to take much more.  He wasn't so good about keeping his gloves on and his poor fingers were frozen after an hour outside.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Randomness



Ayla's favorite animal is a cocodrilo (crocodile).  It would only be appropriate for her to paint one.

Craft time! Which was going rather well until I told Ahrian that he couldn't eat the paint.  It was meltdown from that point on. 

 I've been trying to eliminate sugar from our diets (not completely but whenever possible).  One of my favorite things to make is Primal Paleo Fudge.  Ahrian was a huge fan!  We are huge chocolate lovers in the Rosas house.

The finished product.  Cocoa, honey, almond butter, coconut oil and almonds all blended together and then frozen. Yummy!
This guy would spend all day in his highchair if allowed.  He loves to eat and he loves to take his time as well.  There are some days that I'm not joking when I say he spent half of his time there.  He can even peel his own oranges!

 They may not always play nicely and are completely different from the other, but I know they love eachother!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Milton came home from work bearing a bouquet of flowers for me on Valentines Day.  I love getting flowers but this year he did something that couldn't have made me happier.  He had a small bouquet for Ayla too.
 She was truly delighted to get flowers and gave her "Papa Milton" lots of hugs and kisses.
 I hope she always stays the Papa's girl that she is! I love watching them together and how she absolutely adores him.  Even though it can be tough on me at times when all she wants is her "Papa Milton."
Milton doesn't get off from work until 7 (at the earliest), so we didn't get to share dinner together.  However, I still tried to make it special.  Chorizo pasta, asparagus and steak, yum!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Such a Noodle Head

Can you guess what all the tears are all about?  Ayla decided that she would like to put a shell noodle up her nose.  We were eating lunch and she started to cry while holding her nose.  For some reason I just knew that she had stuck something up there.  Sure enough, she had and it was in there deep.  Before I took any action I had to get a picture (is that considered child abuse? I'm wouldn't doubt that someday it might be, lol).  I tried getting it out with tweezers but the noodle was so soft it just started to break.  At this point she was hysterical.  I told her that she was going to have to calm down and blow her nose HARD.  And that she did and it came right out. Thank goodness that we didn't have to go into the doctor's for something so silly.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Elton & Jeannie Rosas Tie the Knot

 The day finally arrived for Tio Elton's wedding.  I'm not sure who was more excited...the bride and groom or Ayla (j/k).  Elton had purchased her dress 6 weeks prior and she was anxiously awaiting the day that she could wear it. 
Aunt McKelle came from WY and was a great help in curling Ayla's hair.  You would think for how much Ayla likes to get dressed up and have her hair done that she would be a better sport about holding still, but that has never been the case. The solution, turn on the tv!
 Unfortunately, I was unable to get very many pictures due to the craziness and a very cranky little man.  I even missed the actual ceremony because I had to take a screaming Ahrian out of the chapel.
Ayla had the time of her life.  The music, dancing, food was all what this girl was born for! Mostly, the dance floor.  I don't think she really left it the whole night.
 She even demanded that others join her on the dance floor.  Thank goodness Abuelo loves her so much and puts up with her bossiness.
 Beautiful flower girl!
Ahrian and Tyler dancing with the bride.  It's a tradition to pay (any amount of money is accepted) to dance with the bride and groom.

 Ayla stealing the spotlight and Tia Jeannie's veil.
Little man relaxing with Karen, a family friend.
I know that I'm terrible for not getting any more actual pictures of the bride and groom.  Luckily, I'm sure that I will get a copy of their photographer's pictures.
Elton had been living in our basement since last July and he sure is going to be missed by all.  He has always been someone that I could call and he would do just about anything I asked.  He was never intimidated with watching both kids, or even all 3 after I started tending Greyson.  Even when Ayla was just a newborn he would come and get her until her next feeding or nap.  Even though she may be young and may not remember all the memories I have no doubt there will always be a bond that no distance can break.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Girls Are Taking Over The World

 Ayla tends to have a huge influence on what happens within the Rosas household.  I'm guessing it's for many reasons, but mainly because she's the oldest child and the bossiest.
On Wednesdays I take advantage of Tio Elton's day off and would usually try to go to Sprouts kidless.  One particular Wednesday when I left them in Elton's care I came home to Ahrian without pants, Ayla's shoes and socks on.  He was quite proud of his attire! I'm not sure what was worse, Ahrian's choice of outfit or the fact that Tio Elton helped him put it on. 
 Even though Ahrian gets roped into many girl play, he is still all boy and loves to build and put things together.
 Ayla on the other hand, she's all girl!!!
 Even baby Greyson gets roped into playing with Ayla's dolls.

 Ahrian has been obsessed with putting things down his shirt/onesie.  I find some very interesting things when it comes time to change his diaper or get ready for bed. Ayla is of great help and goes right along with it many times.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tio Elton's Barber Shop

 Somehow Elton convinced me that he could cut Ahrian's hair.  I was quite the nervous wreck and eventually left the kitchen only to come back and take the occasional picture.  I have always been emotionally attached to my little man's curls and that is why I've usually kept it longer.  However, since Elton's wedding was coming up it was time to get it cut.  He couldn't look like the child of Napoleon Dynomite and Pedro at the wedding.
 Oh my, momma is sure going to miss those curls! 
 No longer my baby, but a handsome little boy!
Curls or no curls, he still melts my heart!